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The Pink Line is inspired by Michel Sproles - mother, wife of NFL player Darren Sproles, lifestyle coach, businesswoman, and Stage 0 Breast Cancer survivor.

Founder Michel Sproles was diagnosed with Stage 0 Breast Cancer at age 28, and although Michel's journey did not include chemotherapy and radiation, many women who suffer from this disease undergo these forms of treatment and unfortunately lose their hair as a result. 

After Michel's experience with this disease, she vowed to continue to give back to this community by providing high-quality hair extensions and wigs to survivors. In addition to providing clients with quality hair, it is her hope to also raise awareness, especially among African-American women, of the importance of early detection of breast cancer through mammograms and other healthcare screenings.

Early detection saves lives and saved Michel Sproles' life. A portion of the proceeds from The Pink Line sales are used for making free wigs and hair units for Breast Cancer survivors undergoing chemotherapy. The Pink Line is partnering with Healthcare entities to raise awareness among African-American women about the importance of early detection in Breast Cancer.

Michel's goal with The Pink Line is to use the beauty industry as a platform to reach the younger demographic and encourage them to become more proactive in their healthcare.


become a warrior.

If you are a Breast Cancer survivor or loved one of a Breast Cancer survivor and wish to request a wig from The Pink Line, please submit your detailed story and photo to:

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